A Black Owned Bottled Water Brand Is Making History At Walmart!

Live Alkaline Water, a black owned akaline water company, is making history at Walmart. It’s the first black owned bottled water brand to hit the grocery giant’s shelves! Woot!

Dr. Shayla Creer and Robert McCray joined forces to bring the 100% natural akaline water to Walmart. Robert’s family has owned a spring in North Carolina for more than 100 years that produces the water. He and Dr. Creer linked up and they decided they would share their water with the world.

It wasn’t easy though. They were turned down multiple times by Walmart before one regional store decided to give them a shot.

“I called … many Walmarts, and finally we got a hold of one who allowed us to do a presentation,” Dr. Creer told First Coast News.

There just so happened to be a regional manager in attendance and the rest is history. Once the water hit the Walmart shelves, it sold out within a month and business is continuing to pick up.

Now, the bottled water company is in three Walmart locations and several privately-owned businesses in North Florida. Live Akaline Water can also be purchased from their website.

Akaline water is said to have healing properties. According to their website, Live Alkaline Water works to naturally boost energy levels by cleansing your cells and ridding your body of toxins that slow you down. It is naturally full of electrolytes that stimulate nerves & muscles for optimal performance, as well as assisting in regulating blood pressure and cellular function, it’s naturally pH balanced, which means it works with your body by boosting its immune system to naturally fight off disease, it slows down and reverses the damage done by disease-causing free radicals and it contains the highest levels of 100% organic, natural minerals that not only help keep the body functioning at its best, but also gives it a fresh, pure, taste.

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