Erica And Warryn Campbell Wonderfully Saved And A Amazing Sex Life

The church has done a great job of making sure Christians are aware of all the sinfulness that surrounds sex. But when it comes to the satisfaction of intercourse? Not so much.

Erica and Warryn Campbell are out to change that, one could say. Over the years, the gospel singer has boasted about her man’s ability to please her on ‘the gram from time to time, and recently she and her producer hubby got open and honest about how important it is for people to know you can have an incredible sex life as a Christian.

The couple recently got their own reality show on TV One and in the We’re the Campbells after show webseries, Erica said when it comes to sex, “It’s like God created it and we handed it over to the enemy like he does it better and he don’t. I don’t care what you see on TV and in movies, there are some wonderfully saved people who have amazing times and amazing sex lives. We just don’t broadcast it.”

Even if you somehow doubted that to be true, the emphasis Erica placed on the word “amazing” as she spoke is all the proof you’ll need to know you can be saved and satisfied in the bed.

This past March, Erica and Warryn, who have three kids together, celebrated 17 years of marriage. And while neither was a virgin when they walked down the aisle, Erica takes pride in the fact that she didn’t do a bunch of “taste testing” when she was dating.

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