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O.J. Simpson banned from Las Vegas hotel bar

O.J. Simpson was banned from a Las Vegas hotel bar Wednesday, but it remains unclear if he was behaving in an unruly manner, as reported. If Simpson were drunk at the time, that could violate the terms of his parole following his release from a Nevada prison last month.

According to KABC, the Cosmopolitan Hotel has confirmed that it banned Simpson. “Cosmopolitan exercised its right to issue a trespass notice. Any private property in Nevada has the right to tell any person that you are trespassing and please don’t come back; if you come back you are subject to a misdemeanor arrest,” the hotel’s attorney told the station.

The hotel did not say why it issued the trespass notice to the 70-year-old Simpson, who had indicated that he wanted to live in Las Vegas after leaving prison. TMZ reported Thursday that the former NFL star, who was acquitted of murdering his wife and a friend of hers in 1995, became drunk and abusive toward staff at the hotel’s Clique bar in an incident that took place around midnight.

“We’re told Simpson was angry at hotel staff and glasses broke at the bar,” TMZ reported, adding, “Security showed up and removed Simpson from the hotel. We’re told Simpson was nice to responding security guards.”

Us magazine quoted a source who gave a similar account, saying, “It wasn’t the biggest scuffle, but he did cause a scene and it was clear to everyone around him that he was very intoxicated.”

However, KABC cited a witness who told the station that while others in Simpson’s party drank wine, he abstained. The witness claimed that Simpson stayed at his table, then left around midnight.

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