Pastor Brings Hope To Community

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Rev. John P. Kee, at New Life Fellowship Center, said the idea for Hope Week is to restore hope in the community and to give to those less fortunate. Kee has partnered with several churches to perform random acts of kindness throughout the community. The partnerships paid one woman’s rent for the month of May and are helping children in hospitals and paying student lunch fees.

“All night, I’ve been going to every place I used to live and I’m paying rents on all the houses,” Kee said.”He’s just going back and spreading love wherever he can,” church elder Shelby Talton said.

Another church member said the positivity of the movement is making a difference.”I witnessed it firsthand because the first thing they wanted to do was come into my office and say, ‘Is this real?’” Keyanna Wiggins said.

Hope Week has gone beyond its scheduled seven days.”It’s no longer a week,” Talton said. “It’s a movement. Energy is on. Hope Week is moving.”

Story Source WSOC