“The Jeffersons” Lionel Reveals Drug Battle, Suicide Attempt & His Regular Job After Fame

When most of us first saw actor, Damon Evans, pop up on “The Jeffersons” as “Weezy’s and George’s ‘son,’ we were like, ‘Who dat?!!’ After the original “Lionel Jefferson” actor, Mike Evans (no relation to Damon), left the show, Damon replaced him in 1975. Little did fans know back then though, Damon was unhappy and would soon be headed down a years long battle with himself and drug addiction.

His Addictions & Suicide Attempt
As we previously reported, Damon Evans absolutely hated being a part of “The Jeffersons” and had several problems going on behind the scenes and internally (you can read about that HERE). So in 1978, he left the show and decided to pursue other acting roles, as well as his first passion of singing in the opera. Yep, he can SANG.

Unfortunately, in the years that followed, Damon soon realized Hollywood had mostly typecast him as the ‘comedic character,’ “Lionel.” However, he wanted to prove his diversity. This resulted in grueling struggle of unemployment, with very few acting gigs in between.

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