Therapists Tell Us How the Trump Era Has Messed With Our Mental Health

If you can’t bear to look at today’s Facebook memories of you skipping to the polls—or you’re dreading tomorrow’s memories of your and your friends’ post-election reactions—you’re not alone. We talked to five therapists about how the election and its aftermath has affected their clients’ mental health.

The therapists we spoke to came from three red and two blue states: Texas, New Jersey, Utah, Florida, and California. All said that their clients included more Clinton than Trump voters, and one (the therapist from California) pointed out that the people who go to therapy tend to skew liberal. She said that more conservative voters often prefer to go to their pastor for counseling.
But no matter the clients’ party affiliations, these therapists’ stories are slices of a nationwide trend. The American Psychological Association’s survey of stress in America found that, in the August before the election, 52 percent of respondents said they were stressed by the presidential campaigns. This year, 63 percent say they feel stressed about the future of our nation. That breaks along party lines, but the difference is smaller than you might think: 73 percent of Democrats, 59 percent of independents, 56 percent of Republicans. That’s a majority of every political group surveyed.
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