Le’Andria Johnson Goes Off The Rails !!

Leandria Johnson has apologized for her recent offensive rant about “the church” and gospel icon Marvin Winans.

Apparently upset that Winans did not acknowledge her at a public event, she called him out for ignoring her and dropped the “F” bomb a few times. She angrily stated that he walked past her like she was a “peasant” and did not know he was her inspiration. She also said “F— this Christianity B.S!”

The expletive-laced rant cost her a featured role during the gospel event at the Essence Fest where she was scheduled to pay tribute to gospel legend Dottie Peoples.

Here’s what reported earlier …

*Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson recently dropped a couple of pearl-clutching videos explaining why her performance at the Essence Music Festival was canceled over the weekend.

The singer was part of the tribute honoring the legendary Dottie Peoples but she was dropped like a bad habit after calling out Marvin Winans and saying ‘F*ck’ the church in live video rant.

One Lipstick Alley reader noted: “I thought she had gotten her shit together and was staying off of social media. Her drunk Periscopes were legendary. She used to make a complete and utter fool of herself.”

Another observed, “So, basically she’s upset because people don’t want her smoking, drinking, and cussing up in their church whilst leading praise and worship.”

And yet another watched the clips and concluded: “It appears she is abusing alcohol and may be bipolar the way she keeps going off, the church may have it’s faults but she is not able to function without getting mad and twitter rants, she’s the blame.”

Other commenters on the site had similar reactions:

“LeAndria is a hot mess, and has always been. She’s a drunk, does drugs and is a holy thot. She’s VERY arrogant and doesn’t allow anyone to tell her anything. She randomly started a church just to get money. LeAndria really wants to do R&B/Hip Hop music, but she knows that she would never make it over there so she continues to record gospel,” wrote one reader.

Adding: “She doesn’t make a lot of money from her extremely low album sales, so that’s why she has/had her church. She also charges a grip to perform at churches and conventions. LeAndria is a Grammy Award winner (thanks to Matthew Knowles) and she throws that in peoples faces a lot. Most of the gospel industry has washed their hands of her. LeAndria could’ve been as big as Tasha Cobbs or Tamala Mann, but her arrogant, whorish ways held her back. She needs to get saved and stop playing church.”

One commenter wrote: “Her bishop of a father failed her. Her wig failed her. And her dusty attitude failed her. She obviously has some issues and her attitude and lack of ‘people’ has been her downfall.”

Another pointed out: “She hates the church because she felt they looked down on her for having a baby or babies out of wedlock while pastoring. I’m not saying church people aren’t that way sometimes but I really think a lot of the judgment stems from how ratchet she is.”

Many commenters also “suspect that she’s an alcoholic.”

“If you, as a former Pastor, and a current Gospel artist – say “eff the Church, and Christianity”….girl naw – they not gonna have you anywhere near their stage at Essence for the Gospel celebration,” wrote one Lipstick Alley reader.

“I so understand her being hurt at some people in the Church and Gospel world – because people will let you down, always. But … not the whole religion and organization, tho..

And then, knowing what others are doing behind closed doors – but they front for the public – that can’t be easy for her to take.

I hope she can bounce back from this. We know that Church folk don’t forget NOTHING… This is like an episode of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”…

Watch the clips above. Do you agree with these comments?


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